Date : 2019 Monday 15 Jul
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Within the realization of the strategic goal of expanding international Scientific Cooperation, Prof. Dr. Hossein Piri and Prof. Dr. Mir Sajjad Hashemi visited the universities in the Eastern Region of Turkey.

University of Bonab continues to demonstrate its commitment to internationalization by expanding and strengthening exchange and cooperation agreements with its partner universities. In pursuit of these goals, President of university, Prof. Dr. Hossein Piri led official delegation to visit several strategically important universities in the eastern region of Turkey, including the Ataturk University, Bayburt University, Gümüşhane University, Erzincan Binali Yıldırım University, and Agri Ibrahim Cecen University. In this visit, the president was accompanied by Prof. Dr. Mir Sajjad Hashemi, Vice-President of Education and Research of University of Bonab.
   In describing the achievements of this visits, Prof. Dr. Hossein Piri pointed out that the meeting with the rectors of the different universities from Turkey and introducing the abilities and desires of the University of Bonab follows the goal to achieve the common areas of scientific cooperation of the universities between the two countries. He also mentioned that the University of Bonab today has the ability to develop scientific and educational cooperation with other universities in the world, especially with the nearby countries because of their common history and culture. Iran and Turkey can easily develop collaborative communication in various fields, and scientific diplomacy is also the best option for expanding joint partnerships. He expressed that within the framework of scientific cooperation between the two countries, we hope that the parties would use properly of the capacities and experiences.

Ataturk University The rector of Atatürk University, Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı, announced that the results of the visit positively and added: "Given the agreement between the two universities, exchanging views on issues such as accelerating the exchange of academic staff and more broadening the area of ​​research and definition of joint scientific projects, exchange of students and graduates, or the holding of specialized joint workshops, the exchange of academic information, publications and other fields were among the issues discussed at a joint meeting with the University of Bonab delegation.
It should be noted that Ataturk University is the largest university in Eastern Turkey and one of the most prominent scientific and educational centers in the mildest region with more than 60 years of history and more than 20 colleges, 18 colleges, 30 research centers and 280,000 students and 3,000 faculty members and so on.
Gumushane University The Rector of Gümüşhane University, Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim Zeybek, said after meeting with delegation: “Since the establishment of our university, our main priorities have been to increase the activities of our foreign relations. Today we have an agreement on cooperation with the University of Bonab from Iran and we believe that the cooperation between the two neighboring countries with the strong historical ties that today are both regional and global powers is a successful example for other Islamic countries. Nowadays, the development of a society without knowledge is not possible and we are in the age of digital information. Therefore, as two high level institutions that produce basic knowledge we will increase production levels, try to develop international cooperation. We signed a five-year memorandum in the beginning of this cooperation and we intend to work together with mutual understanding about Economic, cultural and social issues, education and mutual research between the two universities. I hope that this meeting will bring by itself beneficial results to all of us with the efforts that will be made after this”.
Binali Yildirim University The Binali Yildirim University was the next destination of delegation, which is located in the city of Erzincan with 22,000 students and with more than 10 colleges and 12 educational centers, it was founded in 2006 and is in the field of modern technology and engineering sciences and basic sciences and also an active member of the Mevlana and Farabi program of Ministries of Education in the Turkey.
Dr. Akin Levant, rector of the Binali Yaldirim University of Erzincan, stated that they are pleased to further develop scientific research collaboration with the University of Bonab in the future. He also said that they are ready to support mutual studies that will form a bridge within the two Universities. A joint cooperation agreement was signed at the end of the visit between the two universities.
Bayburt University The University of Bonab delegation continued to meet with the Bayburt University, which is one of the active universities in the field of engineering, with 6,000 students in civil engineering, mechanics, industry, as well as in the social sciences and the economy. It is one of the most important educational centers in the Erzurum region. Prof. Dr. Hanefi Bayraktar, Vice-President of the Bayburt University, said that the two countries' cultural relations were strengthened by the results of the mutual cooperation between the two universities and called for close cooperation between the two universities in the field of joint cooperation.
The Agri Ibrahim Cecen University was the last university to attend the expedition of the University of Bonab’s delegation, which was separated from Ataturk University in 2007 and operates as an active independent university in the Eastern Anatolia Region, with around 7,000 students and 300 faculty members and so on.
Prof. Dr. Abdulahalik Karabulut, Rector of Agri Ibrahim Cecen University stated that they attach importance to developing cooperation with the universities in Iran, where we share the same geography and where we have many common cultural values. Within the scope of the visit, a protocol was signed between the two universities on issues such as academic cooperation, exchange of students, conducting joint scientific projects and scientific activities.
At the end of these meetings, a memorandum of understanding on scientific, educational and research cooperation between universities was signed and then gifts were commemorated and exchanged as a symbol of friendship between universities.
Agri Ibrahim Cecen university
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