International Affairs

  • Studying about foreign universities to compile cooperation plans in line with university internationalization policy
  • Developing policies and plans related to regional and international cooperation between Bonabu and other universities and international scientific centers to present Bonabu in international communities.
  • Conducting research to compile contracts, agreements, MOU's within the assigned duties along with introducing Bonabu capacities and following up the mutually agreed items
  • presenting services to faculty members and post graduate students to take part in international conferences and workshops
  • Monitoring the indicators of Bonabu quality in international systems
  • Reviewing areas to grant Bonabu international awards
  • Introducing new foreign courses and scholarships
  • Helping Bonabu students teams in world Olympiads (including academic and sport)
  • Assisting the Faculties to launch International Summer Schools and taking necessary measures for the visa affairs
  • Presenting services to the official delegation going abroad and also the visiting delegations to Bonabu
  • Coordinating the regional and international activities among Bonabu and affiliated units

Contact Info.
  • Address: Velayat Highway, Bonab, Iran
  • Tel: +98 (41) 37745000
  • Fax: +98 (41) 37740800
  • P.O.Box: 5551761167
  • Email: info[at]