How to Apply

  • Why Study at Bonabu?
  • Applying to Bonabu
  • Required Documents
  • Admission Regulations for University of Bonab
  • Academic Calendar (link of pdf file)
  • Application Form (link of pdf file)
  • Annual Fees for International Students (link of pdf file)
  • Sabbatical Admission (link of pdf file)

Why Study at Bonabu?
A vast range of majors and courses in the field of Engineering are available at the University of Bonab. You can apply for a Bachelor, Masters or Ph.D. degree in most fields. All educational programs are subject based. During your studies you can enjoy Persian and Azeri Language, and high-quality academics and an attractive environment. All facilities at the Bonabu including dormitories, clubs, sports and recreational facilities, high-speed Internet access, well-equipped libraries and quiet-reading areas have distinguished the Bonabu as one of the best academic environments in Iran for students. These are some reasons for many Iranian students to choose the University of Bonab for their higher education studies.

Applying to Bonabu:
Key steps:
  • Browse our courses to see if Bonabu offers a course you’re interested in.(link of pdf file)
  • Check the general and specific requirements here to make sure that you have the right qualifications.
  • See the funding opportunities offered to you and check the fees and costs for your course in Fees and Scholarship sections.
  • Check the deadlines and plan your time to submit your application.
  • Find Application Form for International Students here. Please fill out the form carefully and send it along with the image of required academic records or any additional documents needed to apply for the course you are interested in—such as a personal statement, CV, and recommendation letter—to the following address:
  • Your department is responsible for academic assessment. In case of admission to your desired course, a letter of approval will be sent to you by the Committee. You are then required to post us your original academic records.
  • Your application is finalized with your arrival to Bonab using student visa and student passport and registering at University of Bonab.
Please check our website for more updated information about application and tuition fees.
Please feel free to contact us for further information and queries.
Required Documents:
  • Filled-out Application Form sent via E-mail
  • Scanned academic documents including previous academic documents and transcripts.
  • Applicants of Master's and Doctorate programs should also provide other complementary documents including their resume, a personal statement on their academic interests in the courses they are applying for, and recommendation letter(s).
  • Valid passport
  • Recent passport-size photo of the applicant
Note 1: Received documents are forwarded to related faculties by the Administrative Office for further investigations and in case the office receives no results regarding the applicants' request in two months, the applicants' dossier will directly be discussed in the Committee and the members will decide upon the applicants' request.
Note 2: Applicants admitted to the desired courses will be informed to post further required documents via fast mail or airmail.

Admission Regulations for University of Bonab:
Link of pdf file:
  • Guide on Admission of scholarship International Students To University of Bonab
  • Guide on Admission of Non-scholarship International Students To University of Bonab
  • Discipline Chart