Bonabu at a Glance

About Bonab City:
   Bonab is one of the southern cities located in the East Azerbaijan province, Iran. The history of the monuments Bonab Citydiscovered in the southern heights of the cemetery of Karaghshun dates back to the eighth and ninth centuries and marks the boom and prosperity of the city in the Safavies era. Residents of the city of Bonab speak in Azerbaijani and follow the religion of Islam and the Shia religion.
Based on the archaeological signs found in old Bonab city explorations, the history of this city dates back six thousand years. Also the discovery of old earthenware and metal ware and signs of urban civilization prove this ancient history. Bonab has 25 registered historical monuments on the list of Iran’s national monuments, out of which, 8 are under protection.
Bonab city is located on the slopes of Sahand Mountain and in the fertile plains. Handicraft production is seasonal, taking place mostly in rural areas. There are 500 important production and industrial units in this area. They include machine tool and vehicle factories, an oil refinery, and a petrochemical complex. Other major Industries include food processing, cement, textiles, electrical equipment, and sugar milling. Oil and gas pipelines run through the region. Wool, carpets, and metal-ware are also produced.
Bonab city has the only nuclear research center in the northwest of the country; it was here that the laser ion argon 10 was first produced in the Middle East. Some of the activities of this center are: laser construction and design, thyratron production, advanced metal welding to non-metal, thermal sensors manufacturing, making X-ray tube, and optimization of nylon vacuum coating system.

   Bonab is globally famous for its delicious kebabs. Bonab Kebabi shops have opened in many cities of Iran. Bonab kebabi is a type of kabab with ingredients of ground beef, onion, and spices. The Bonab Kebabi is mainly Kebabe Bonabfamous for its large size.
It is also easy to travel to other famous cities of Iran, such as Tabriz, Tehran, and Isfahan, by rail or air. Bonab city has a train station that is 10 minutes away from Sahand Airport and 1 hour away from Tabriz International Airport (TBZ).

University of Bonab at a glance:
   University of Bonab was in effect a due response to the growing need for higher education development after the Islamic Revolution. Targeting the rich potential in the domestic human resource in the country, the decision-making bodies in higher education (and particularly the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution) authorized the inauguration of a technology-oriented higher education institute in 1995, named Bonab College. In the first 10 years, the number of students increased to 800, and the number of undergraduate majors to 8. Broadening its scope, Bonab College gained Technical Higher Education Complex status in 2006 with 12 undergraduate majors and it kept expanding until 2010, when it became the University of Bonab.
Many of Iran’s leading high-tech companies located on the highway connecting Tabriz to Bonab surround our campus, where cutting-edge research joins forces with highly innovative teaching to solve real-life problems. In 2015, by which time it had over 3000 students and more than 100 faculty members, the University celebrated its 20th anniversary. UoB’s faculty and staff provide a superior learning experience for our fine students who hail from every province of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Now, University of Bonab offers over 20 B.Sc programs in engineering and more than 100 graduate programs of engineering, science, and high technology. A central lab facility serves the research needs of the university as well. Dormitories distinctly for men and women in two on-campus and off-campus buildings serve students all year round. Contributing to the great diversity of UoB’s academic staff are academicians with Ph-D’s obtained all around the world as well as in other top universities in IRAN.  

University of Bonab