The central library of the University of Bonab has been operating since its foundation in 1995 with 500 books of Persian language and serves as a university library in order to advance the educational, research and cultural programs of the University to provide library and information services. The library has a duty to identify and meet the needs of professors, students, and promote the university's educational and research level and provide users with the development and standardization of their services, facilities and environment. Therefore, in order to achieve the following goals are pursued:
 • Create an appropriate setting for people who are interested in their own education
• Promoting the knowledge and culture of our beloved community
• Focusing on information resources and facilitating access to them
• Create a sample library
• Helping a broader curriculum for multiple fields of study
• Inducing and enhancing the culture of study and research
• Collection of texts, both Farsi and non-Persian

The central library collection at Bonab University, which has a reference, repository and lending department, as well as a reading room with a separate section for ladies and gentlemen with a total capacity of 400 people:
  1. Books Include 12,000 books in Farsi and Arabic, and 3,000 books in Latin
  2. Non-book printed documents, including theses, government publications, pamphlets
  3. Databases including Persian articles (Civilica) and Latin information sources edu.paper
  4. Audio-visual materials (compact discs)
The way the library resources are arranged and categorized according to the Library of Congress category and technical services and cataloging are done using the software of Pars Azarakhsh Company and the National Library database. In this library, resources are searched by users (referrers) through a computer.
Library community:
It is a collection of all students, faculty members and staff at Bonab University.
Fields of Arts, Basic Sciences and Engineering
The most important activities of this library can be summarized as follows:
  1. Provide background training to clients to use search systems and find resources
  2. Provide guides and information sheets to help clients
  3. Borrowing and returning resources
  4. Membership and membership fees
  5. Organize bookshelves and periodically
  6. Listing and ranking of resources
  7. Transfer bibliographic information resources to the library software system
  8. Ordering and providing resources
  9. Supply of library equipment
  10. Holding book exhibitions
  11. Answers to clients questions
  12. Carry out affairs related to Printing and publishing of the book by the University Press
Thus, the main tasks of the library can be defined in three general sections:
  1. Collectivization
  2. Organizing
  3. Information dissemination

The methods for providing resources for the library collection are as follows:
  1. Buying:
    1. the method of providing resources is through seasonal and annual specialized book exhibitions, country publishers and city bookstores.
  2. Donating:
After reviewing the resources received, select the resources required by the library that have the following conditions and donate other resources to the applicant.
  1. Matching the subject of academic books with fields of study at university
  2. New release date of the book
  3. Having an appropriate physical appearance and usability, therefore, donations should be in the form of a book and not be distributed in the form of pamphlets or Scattered papers.
  4. The suitability of the book with the academic community

Contact Info.
  • Address: Velayat Highway, Bonab, Iran
  •  Tel: +98 (41) 37745000
  •  Fax: +98 (41) 37740800
  •  P.O.Box: 5551761167
  •  Email: info[at]